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Travel agent Melanie Green has an unimpressive track record when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex. But when it comes to local bar owner Mark Logan, Melanie knows she could never settle for being a comforting gal pal. He’s gorgeous, captivating and far too experienced—but damn it, a girl can dream, right?


And then one day, the unexpected happens. Instead of returning her smile through the front window of his bar, Mark walks across the street and into her office. Now the man she wants more than anything stands right in front of her, looking sexy as hell, and Melanie knows this is her golden opportunity. 


But paradise never comes easy. Before misconceptions and missed chances destroy her dreams, Melanie must find a way to convince the green-eyed hunk that she’s ready for a little less conversation…and a helluva lot more body language.

* New Cover  * Revised Content  * Now only 99c/99p

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