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  • Do you plan to write books for the mercenaries in your Bloodrunners series?


Yes! Lev, Sam, Kyle and James will definitely get their own novels.

  • Why are Books 1-8 in your Bloodrunners series no longer available for purchase?

Just like with my Primal Instinct series, I now own the rights to my entire Bloodrunners series, which means the Harlequin versions are no longer available. This also means that I now have the opportunity to update the look of the series, as well as revise and expand each novel before re-releasing them in 2nd Editions. I'm absolutely thrilled to have this exciting opportunity, and will have more information to share about this whole process soon.

  • What's next in your Better at the Beach series?


The fourth Better at the Beach novella, TAKING HER SHOT, will be Peyton and Michael's story. As soon as I have a release date, I'll announce it here.


  • Do you ever plan to write a book for Mike Hudson from your Dangerous Tides series?


I do plan to write a book for Mike, but it's currently not on my schedule. As soon as that changes, I'll announce it here.


  • Do you plan to write more books in your Primal Instinct series?


Yes! I'm currently in the process of re-releasing Books 1-9 in 2nd Editions, and once that's done, I'm looking forward to writing Book 10, which will be Gideon Granger's story.

  • Why are some of your backlist titles currently unavailable for purchase?


This is only temporary - they'll be back up for sale soon!

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