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1. Do you plan to write books for the mercenaries in your Bloodrunners series?


Yes! Lev, Sam, Kyle and James will definitely be getting their own novels! 

2. Why are Books 1-8 in your Bloodrunners series no longer available for purchase?

Just like with my Primal Instinct series, I now own the rights to my entire Bloodrunners series, which means the Harlequin versions are no longer available. This also means that I now have the opportunity to update the look of the series, as well as revise and expand each novel before re-releasing them in 2nd Editions! I'm absolutely thrilled to have this exciting opportunity, and will have more information to share about this whole process soon!

3. What's next in your Better at the Beach series?


The fourth Better at the Beach novella, TAKING HER SHOT, will be Peyton and Michael's story. As soon as I have a release date, I'll announce it here.


4. What's next in your McKendrick Warlocks series?


Book 4, A TOUCH OF MAGICK, will be Mal's story, and I'm hoping to have it ready for publication in early 2022.


5. Do you ever plan to write a book for Mike Hudson from your Dangerous Tides series?


I definitely plan to write a book for Mike, but it's currently not on my schedule. As soon as that changes, I'll announce it here.


6. Do you plan to write more books in your Primal Instinct series?


Yes! I'm currently in the process of re-releasing Books .5-9 in 2nd Editions, and once that's done, I'm looking forward to writing Book 10, which will be Gideon Granger's story.

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