What's next in your SURF, SUN & SEX series?

Book Three, PUSHING HIS LUCK, is now available on Amazon, and I plan to release Book Four, TAKING HER SHOT, in early 2021.

What's next in your McKendrick Warlocks series?

Book Two, A BITE OF MAGICK, is now available in a 2nd Edition, and readers can pre-order Book Three, A SCENT OF MAGICK, on Amazon. 

Do you plan to write a book for Michael Hudson from your Dangerous Tides series?

At this time, Mike's story hasn't been contracted, but I do still plan to write it. I'm just not sure where/when/how it will be published.

Do you plan to write books for the mercenaries in your Bloodrunners series?

Yes! THE MERCENARIES OF BLOODRUNNER ALLEY is the title of the spinoff series that I plan to write for Lev, Sam, Kyle and James. More info coming soon!

Do you plan to write more books in your Primal Instinct series?

Yes! I'm currently in the process of releasing Books .5-9 in 2nd Editions, and once that's done, I'm looking forward to writing Book 10, which will be Gideon Granger's story. More info coming soon!

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