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NEW YORK SCANDAL: The explosive romantic thriller, filled with passion...and murder.


New York's biggest scandal.

A love that defies the odds.


When Lottie Beckett is framed for her husband's murder by an obsessed stalker, she goes on the run. Taking refuge in New York City, she spends each day terrified that her past will track her down...and destroy her.


The most difficult thing Callan Hathaway ever had to do was watch Lottie marry another man. Nothing about that day felt right, and when he finds her waiting tables in a tiny Brooklyn café, his protective instincts won't allow him to walk away a second time. But while he knows that Lottie is innocent, becoming involved with a wanted woman, when his younger sister is embroiled in a brutal political battle for the office of NYC mayor, could prove devastating to his family. 


The way Callan sees it, his only choice is to flush out the real killer...and the clock is ticking. He and Lottie face the fight of their lives for the future they so desperately want...and the love they never expected.


  Release Date: 19 October 2021

Publisher: Headline Eternal




Noah and Willow's story - More info coming soon!


  Release Date: 13 August 2021

  This novel is being re-released in a 2nd Edition.