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paranormal romance

book 1



Lachlan McKendrick possesses a renowned sexual prowess impressive among even his own kind. But when the Scottish Warlock's elders decide it's high time he stops sowing wild oats—and starts planting some family ones—Lach gets a load of magic unlike any he's ever known.


A curse is placed upon his head. One that has some rather surprising effects on his legendary sex life—and the only solution is to find his bith-bhuan gra, or soul mate. He should be out searching the world for her, but he’s not. Instead, he’s become obsessed with a feisty American who doesn’t even know what he is!


It's bad enough that Lachlan can’t get the blasted Yank out of his head, but she's mortal—and he doesn't do mortals. At least he never has before. But the Scottish stud soon discovers that Evan Hayes has a magic that's all her own: a woman's power to go after what she wants. And what she wants is a certain rugged, mouthwatering, danger-written-all-over-him badass.


Look out, Lach. The little human is about to bring her A-game.


  • This 2nd edition has a new cover, new series title & updated content!

book 2




Kieran McKendrick has landed in the worst kind of hell. Thanks to his meddling relatives, the Scottish Warlock has a “mating” curse placed upon his dark head—and he’s already suffering from one curse too many. Now he must find his bith-bhuan gra, or soul mate, to break this newest curse…and heaven help her when he does.

Té Hayes has heard of a wolf in sheep’s clothing before—but never a Warlock’s! On the run from her troubled past, Té arrives in Edinburgh for a surprise visit with her sister, Evan. She plans to chill out with her big sis, meet her new brother-in-law, and catch a friend’s photography exhibit, all without a hitch. But within moments of meeting Evan’s new family, Té realizes there’s more to these gorgeous McKendrick men than meets the eye—and one in particular who sets her blood on fire. Too bad she’s sworn off men, even ones as gorgeous and irresistible as Kieran McKendrick.

Still, when the temptation becomes too great, Té decides that she just might regret not getting a taste of the sexy bad boy while she’s got the chance. It’s a sound plan, to take what she wants and enjoy it while it lasts. But what the young American doesn’t know is that it can prove damn difficult for a woman to protect her heart from a devoted McKendrick male. Especially when he’s hell bent on claiming her for his own…forever.


  • This 2nd edition has a new cover, new series title & updated content!


book 3




When the McKendrick elders begin placing “mating” curses upon Blu’s cousins, the Warlock knows his turn is coming. Soon he’ll be driven to bond with his soul mate—the one woman who can lay claim to his heart and make him crazed with a dark hunger no other can satisfy. Unfortunately for Blu, he already knows who she is—and there’s not a chance in hell he can claim her. No, the delectable Kaia Gentry deserves far more than the heartache Blu fears he would cause her, even though his need for her is tearing him apart.


Determined to thwart his family’s plans, Blu tries to protect himself, only to have his elders best him by placing his curse right under his nose. Now the scent of every woman makes his stomach pitch like a ship on the high seas. Every woman, that is, except for Kaia, the irresistible Pixie who makes him ache—who haunts his every waking hour and torments his dreams. And when her life is threatened by an unknown evil working against the McKendrick clan, Blu must finally choose between facing his demons…or forever losing the woman he loves.


  • An all-new steamy paranormal romance!

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