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book 1



The Genius


Sophie Ward is a scientist with the looks of a geek and the fantasies of a hot-blooded siren. She’s wanted security expert Chris Riley from the moment he first came to work at the Blackwood Research Institute that houses her lab. And the more she’s gotten to know the gorgeous bad boy, the more she’s fallen into lust with him. But despite the encouragement of her best friend, Sophie has never had the guts to ask him out. Until the day a fateful fortune cookie sets the ball rolling....


The Hunk


Chris Riley is a man who knows what he wants...and it’s Sophie Ward. But circumstances have kept them apart for too long, and now his need for the adorable scientist is at the breaking point. She’s so shy, there’s no telling how she might react to the things he wants from her. Hell, she could even turn him in for sexual harassment. But none of that is enough to keep Chris from hungering for Sophie, and his patience is running thin....


The Moment


When a mishap finally brings their mutual attraction out into the open, the scorching intensity of their desire is enough to burn them to ash. But will they be able to make something of the wreckage when Chris’s past rears its ugly head? Or will they lose the best thing they’ve ever found?

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book 2



The Cynic


Bartender and business student Natalie Richards is a twenty-four-year-old who’s seen it all. Making ends meet working at an upscale San Diego restaurant, Natalie’s nights are spent slinging drinks to players who are all over one woman one night, and a different pretty face the next. After everything she’s witnessed, she’s completely given up on the ideas of love and commitment…and a male’s ability to actually keep it in his pants.


The Alpha


Sportswriter Sean Cartwright is a man who’s been burned only once, but it was bad enough to leave a lasting mark. A mark that’s made Sean just as wary as Natalie when it comes to emotional connections and lasting relationships. But he knows a good thing when he sees it, and he’s not a man to back down from a challenge…or a captivating woman. Especially when she’s the only woman he wants in his bed.


The Perfect Storm


Natalie’s friends thought all she needed was a little luck. Turns out what she really needed was a man determined enough to break through her defenses so she could let him in. A mouthwatering alpha male who’s so much more than what he seems…and one who will do whatever it takes to keep his word.

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book 3




The Single Mom


Karin Riley is a woman who knows her worth, and after an ugly divorce, she’s been happy to focus on her son and her career, taking a break from men altogether. But from the moment that she first meets the gorgeous Paul Cartwright, she can’t get him out of her head. He’s tall, dark, ripped…and has the sexiest freaking smile she’s ever seen. He’s also a badass homicide detective who puts away criminals and helps people for a living. And despite his reputation as a man who doesn’t do “serious relationships,” Karin can’t help but say yes when the unbelievable happens and the irresistible hunk actually asks her out.


The Hot-as-Hell Detective


Paul Cartwright is a hard-nosed cop who’s always put his work first and everything else second, including women. He’s drawn to Karin Riley from the instant he sets eyes on her, her natural beauty and shy smiles affecting him in a way that he knows is going to spell nothing but trouble. Karin isn’t a hook-up kind of woman, and if the past has taught him any crucial lessons, it’s that he’s not cut out for anything more than casual. But she’s his brother’s neighbor and friend, which means they see each other often. And each time they hang out together, Paul only wants her more, until fate finally persuades him to stop fighting the inevitable.


The Impossible Comeback


Despite the best of intentions, things don’t always go as planned. After life deals Paul an unexpected blow and he reacts like a jerk, ruining his shot with Karin, it’s obvious to everyone who knows them that she won’t be giving him a second chance. At least not in this lifetime. But when Paul can’t put her out of his mind as easily as he’d hoped, and his feelings for her keep growing more intense, he knows he has to stop running and find a way to make things right. He might be pushing his luck, but he’s determined to earn her trust again…and get that “re-do” that he wants so badly—even if it means letting go of his emotional lockdown and finally opening himself up. Karin Riley owns him, heart and soul, and he’s ready to do whatever it takes to win her back…and make her his.

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