Max Doucet is a “turned” Lycan who still longs for the human life stolen from him in his teens. Now a deadly Bloodrunner, Max is too busy looking back to fully embrace who and what he’s become. But from the moment he finds himself chasing after the intoxicating Vivian Jackson, his convictions and beliefs about where he belongs no longer hold true. She’s everything he needs, and so much more than he ever thought could be his—but before he can win her heart, he’ll have to catch her. And Vivian has no intention of slowing down.


Vivian Jackson has always lived a hard, but normal life—until the day she realizes that nothing in her “normal” world is as it seems. On the run from a sadistic madman and a sexy-as-hell badass who claims to be her protector, Vivian has no idea who to trust—that is, until the beautiful, blue-eyed stranger saves her life. Suddenly Vivian finds herself not only relying on Max for guidance, but caught up in a web of connection and lust that’s impossible to resist. Their chemistry is explosive, each searing sexual encounter bringing them closer than she ever imagined was possible—even as his past and her future work to keep them apart.


She doesn’t know it yet, but Vivian is no defenseless human. She can keep running, but sooner or later her true destiny is going to catch up to her. And when it does, she and Max will be forced to face off against the ultimate evil in a harrowing, bloodthirsty battle for their lives…and their love.

* This is the 9th book in the Bloodrunners series.

* Read the complete first chapter HERE!





A dangerous attraction...

When a deadly dragon-shifter finds himself the protector of an innocent witch who’s as brave as she is beautiful, passions ignite that cannot be denied. Together, they must face a treacherous enemy in order to prevent a cache of powerful weapons from falling into the wrong hands, fighting not only for their survival, but the future they so desperately desire. 

* Re-released in a 2nd Edition.

* Available Now in Kindle Unlimited.




"No one writes lip-biting sexual tension and sizzling romance like Rhyannon Byrd."

~ New York Times bestselling author Shayla Black


"Byrd successfully combines a haunting love story with complex world-building."

~ Publishers Weekly


"With a Byrd book, you know you will get plenty of sizzling sensuality as well as molten emotion."

~ RT Book Reviews


"Combines passion and suspense with a touch of deadly danger guaranteed to keep you reading until the very last page."

~ Joyfully Reviewed




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