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Good things come to those who wait…


They call it the Burning. A phenomenon that occurs when a Deschanel vampire finally finds the one female meant to be his, his once cold body suddenly burning with a violent, visceral wave of heat. A primal burning that surges and twists through his veins, growing more intense the longer he waits to claim her.


Unfortunately for Ashe Granger, the female who’s ignited his Burning is none other than the beautiful, spirited Juliana Sabin. A mysterious Deschanel vampire who has butted heads with Ashe from the moment they first met.


Ashe is a sworn protector of the Deschanel, while Juliana is a banished criminal. Despite the primal desire that pulses between them, too much glaring distrust has kept them apart. She might claim she’s innocent, but he knows better than to put his faith in a pretty face. Especially one with so many frustrating secrets. And yet, when an insidious evil comes after her family and a contract is placed on Juliana’s head, it’s Ashe who she runs to for help.


Now they must work together if they want to save not only her life, but the lives of all those she holds dear.


It’s a dangerous, passionate partnership that neither of them ever wanted.


And one that will either prove to be hell on earth…or a match made in heaven.

  Book Nine in the Primal Instinct series.

  This title has been re-released in a revised 2nd Edition.



"No one writes lip-biting sexual tension and sizzling romance like Rhyannon Byrd."

~ New York Times bestselling author Shayla Black


"Byrd successfully combines a haunting love story with complex world-building."

~ Publishers Weekly


"With a Byrd book, you know you will get plenty of sizzling sensuality as well as molten emotion."

~ RT Book Reviews


"Combines passion and suspense with a touch of deadly danger guaranteed to keep you reading until the very last page."

~ Joyfully Reviewed



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