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From HQN: The Primal Instinct Series
The Primal Instinct Series
From Harlequin Nocturne: The Bloodrunners Series
The Buchanan brothers never truly believed
their mother's eerie stories of ancient
ancestors who walked the earth as beings
that were more than human, nor her chilling
predictions of a hidden darkness that lives
within them. But then, they never believed in
shifters or vampires, either. Or the sort of
love that reshapes a man's life.
The Last Wolf Standing Series
From Ellora's Cave: The Magick Men Series
Caught between two worlds, these half-
breed protectors will stop at nothing in their
pursuit of justice…and love.
The Magick Men Series
Watch the sparks fly as these mouthwatering
alphas discover that love can be found under
the most well as unusual
From Ellora's Cave: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Contemporary Erotic Titles
Erotic tales of contemporary romance
featuring fiercely independent men who
lose their hearts and fall in love.
From Ellora's Cave: Fantasy and Futuristic Erotic Romance
Horn of the Unicorn
In the modern wilds of Ireland lies the hidden
realm of The Wicket Wood, a magickal
paradise meant to separate two realities—
and yet, in the ethereal fabric of dreams, a
magnificent love is born that transcends all
Magick Men Series:

A Shot of Magick
A Bite of Magick

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Alpha Romeos
Fantasy Titles:

Horn of the Unicorn

Futuristic Titles:

Half Wild
Dark Wolf Rising
Dark Wolf Running (Dec)
Book 6 (TBA)
Book 7 (TBA)
(c) 2007 Rhyannon Byrd
From Berkley Heat: The Dangerous Tides Series
From Harlequin Nocturne: The Santos Brothers Series
Since her family's exile, Juliana Sabin had
borne full responsibility for their safety. So
when evil struck, she had no choice but to
ally herself with a sexy guardian vampire
named Ashe Granger. Now, months later,
Ashe is back and tempting Juliana to reveal
her darkest secrets...and desires. For the
killer stalking the shadows isn't acting alone

and he won't rest until his deadly cravings
are fulfilled.
From HQN: The Granger Brothers Series
Dangerous Tides Series:

Take Me Under
Make Me Yours (Oct )
Keep Me Closer (June '14)
A scorching new erotic series about a
family of lawmen who will stop at nothing to
protect the women they love.
Summer just got hotter...

When Lainey Maxwell is attacked by
werewolves while on vacation, vampire
Nick Santos
a hard-edged, mysterious
saves her, and gets bitten in the
process. Holed up in a private bunker,
Lainey and Nick embrace their most erotic
dreams. But the full moon is drawing near

and their time is rapidly running out...
Granger Brothers Series:

Deadly Is the Kiss

*This book takes place
within the same world as
the Primal Instinct series,
but can be read as a
stand-alone title.
Santos Brothers Series:

Wicked in Moonlight